Monday, June 23, 2008

Printer@ EMU

This has been happening with me for a long time(You can say only a few days after I entered in to EMU...).
As during initial days my work was a little bit analytical.As most of the part was already carried out by ACrivos. My work was to give shape to HIs idea.At that time What I required was just some A4 size sheets and pencil(obviously Rubber and Sharpner also..!! ).I never required printer to print the documents.Later as the complexity level of my problem increased I was not able to decide what to do and what not. In this case the main important thing which could help me was printer(of course my guide also!!!!).We used to take data and analyze it as out of so many solutions we had to pickup the correct one.When my work of printer started from the very first day that HP printer inside room no 105 EMU started doing work by it's own will.The thing which is of significant importance is that it was not following any of my instruction.This made me off for some time.
And I kept on giving print after print command to that printer.I don't exactly remember the exact number how many times I gave the print command on the first time.But believe me it's greater than three.Now one most interesting thing to be noticed here is that it did not work immediately it took complete night for the printer to process the data(haan haan complete one night I think it's very much surprised to have such data or It might have started reading that data.Till now I don't know what did it do with the data complete night).When the print out did not come even till the night,I lost hope. Finally I went to my Hebbal Apartment.Having taken dinner I slept.But the printer was working overnight.(HOw hard working the printer is !!!!!).When I came in the morning next day.Every thing was normal.Printer did not give the print out even on that day also.After around three or four days when I came to JNC, I saw before going for Lunch that the printer was extremely happy and was giving the print outs of those copies which I had forgot till that time.What could I see was a large number of pages coming out happily from the printer.Then I asked the concept of deleting the task from printer.But nO body could tell me(of course whom I asked!!).What I came to know from that day was that When our printer is happy It would not stop with out complete task(thats really great).But nowadays it started doing things correctly,aNd quickly also.In this way,I started relying in the printer.But!!!!!! yesterday It started giving HP print outs and nothing else...It's after a long time that this type of unexpected thing happened with me.I's told by Senior Aditya that It's not working..
Today also KOpal gave print command for my Document from her comp....
sHe's given the print command at least three times.And our printer is thinking(what to do and what not ??).I am still waiting although I have mailed that data to my gUide.
Lets see when will it come??
It would not??
I believe the print out will definitely come one day...........
Hey dear pRinTer waiting for your response!!!

NOn Biodegradable THingS

Our bus is hardly on time.When it’s, at least one of us is not. Any way what I want to say is that we never start at 7:30pm(Whatever may be the reason).One of the most unfortunate part of this game is that I am never late because of her only. As at 7:20 pm she starts pinching me to come to JNC gate. And daily we wait for our bus to come. As there is nothing at JNC gate. What can I see is that board on which some keys of different Labs are hanging, a room for security people. And some times a MARUTI OMNI.That’s all. .

It’s was just a normal day like other.We were waiting there @ JNC gate for our bus to come. Finally Sonali came and fortunately our bus also came. But as I’ve already mentioned that whenever bus comes on time,usually one of us is not there and we have to wait there for him. This pattern was repeated even on that day. I am very thankful to this pattern because of this pattern only, I could learn a great lesson that day.

We all put our bags and Laptops inside the bus and I,Miru and Sonali came out with an idea of going to the nearest shop to have some snacks…(although this is a one sided game because Sonali always ask HIDE AND SEEK biscuit which is never available and I like LAYS or KURKURE which is always available. In this way I always come back happily while she….)We went to the shop. Like always I took KURKURE and she asked for HIDE AND SEEK and was not available. I was happy because I got my favourite. I cut the pack of Kurkure from a side and threw the smaller part of the pack(obviously smaller !!)on the road. She started collecting all the parts being thrown by me. I was surprised!!!! What she was doing?? Now she started saying that this is a non biodegradable product. We people just throw it on the road just like that. An animal can consume it and easily die……………………………

Although I got her point (because I already had a course on Environmental Science & I had some what idea about this NON BIO…word).But like always. I just listened it from one ear and passed from the other. In the mean time our bus came up to that shop and we all(Me,Sonali,MIru) got in to the bus.

Now inside the bus were J.DEEpak, Shyam,Tripathi ji and of course three of us. We all were enjoying our snacks (and other’s also).And finally the time came when all my Kurkure got over. I just threw the pack out of window. She now said to me “Yaar bechari Gai kha ke mar jayegi…. Aur tumne aise hi phenk diya please don’t do like this please….”. Finally she requested me not to repeat this kind of thing again. Next time you please take it to your home and put it in to your dustbin. Even I don’t mind being a garbage collector. So if you want you can give it to me also(I’d be happy!!!!).

This finally got a permanent place in to my mind and I realized the situation.

And on the next to next day of that day, we once again went to the same shop. I got my favorite but Sonalli did not. But this time we did not do that kind of work which we had done earlier.

No doubt we are being taught a lot (I am talking about official record although practically we don’t study……………) but we are not able to implement these simple things in our life. In fact most of the time, we don’t mind these type of simple things………………………..

In this way I learned the lesson of NON BIODEGRADABLE…………….

Friday, June 20, 2008

why Ganesh sir has always His door closed while Rama mam

This is a very interesting question which has been hammering my mind from the fourth day after I entered in to EMU as SRF.In the initial days as I had a lot of works to do i.e. y I did not get any time to think upon these type of trivial issue(!!!!!!But later I realized that this is not a trivial issue.A Phd can be done to find the reasons behind it).Initial part was simple also and it required my engineering mathematics knowledge.Any way I am writing about door not the project here.So many people might be aware of this concept.But those who are not aware of this believe me this is true you can easily varify it with no initial setup( but only in week days(Mon-Fri)).I have spent more than a month here and I'll stay here for next two weeks only.And I'll reach there @ Varanasi with one unresolved question
Why Ganesh sir has always his door closed while Rama mam ????

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Guest Lecture by some Pof from NTU SIngapore

Today I physically attended a talk by a prof from NTU Singapore.Although I was suspecting that I would be getting nothing from this talk,but I dared to attend that talk.It's there in a seminar hall near comp lab.There happened a series of unfortunate events with me.The first thing was that I entered from the back gate of the seminar hall and the coffee was there at the front gate.I missed that.Up to that time the situation was much better immediately with out any wait my guide Dr Ganesh entered the seminar hall and gave the intro as "it's matter of great pleasure that we have...................from ............he did his B.Tech from....then ...from USA..." even till that time it's easy to survive.After that the mic was handed over to that prof.He took his position near dias with PPT presentation gun and started bombarding the equations,boundary values,numerical methods and how could he leave the NAVIER STROKE.He told me some thing about that also.Believe me I am not remembering any term from His lecture.I already knew these terms.
OK then I got in the trouble.I thought only I was suffering from those EQN BOMBS.I turned my eyes back saw Vineeta we had smile.Now I suspect that she was not getting the talk.But as she is a great studios student I had a great respect for her.It's after five observation that I was confirmed that she was also not getting the talk.Now I started observing ADITYA.After three observations I was convinced that even he's not getting.Now I was convinced that no student was getting any thing .Now I shifted my focus towards faculty members.One old lady(I am sure she's faculty member) for whom I have still great respect started sleeping just after intro!!!!.I tried to see my guide and one other great R.NAra...they were also sleeping.But since they had the responsibility on their shouldiers to make talk successful,i.e.,y they were not sleeping completely.
Mr R.NARA.... after a long sleep asked a question "What are the quantities plotted in this graph"
not because he's understanding but it's not visible form there.
this motivated other faculty members also
my guide inquired "what is this tao here??"
The prof told us that he was at the end of the talk.I was very happy.But at the mean time the curious mind of Dr ALAM awoke and he started asking questions.
We were all irritated.
I would like to thank my guide from the core of my heart that finally he said us to leave the hall.
Then only we got some relax..
thank god we came from that palce alive.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Here at JNC with in a short span of time,I have enjoyed a lot.Here living is pleasing a experience.Here we don't have any concept of classes which is their in our college.Although I am missing that gossiping in the class and BUNK/PROXY here.Still the concept of one to one interaction with faculty member is awesome here.
One of the main thing which I have observed here is that your number of friends(not only male!!! surprised) increases exponentially without any catalyst.While in my college(of course in my department !!) even after 2 year there are so many people whom I've not talked till now.We can't find any difference between faculty member and students here.Both start thinking from the same initial level(which is possible in research only).Both do mistakes and never blame each other because everything is clear to everybody.
I don't know why here everybody write program in FORTRAN and MATLAB only why not any other language C/C++,VB or??? Here a book named "NUMERICAL RECIPES IN FORTRAN" is found in abundance whichever lab you go,you will get it there.And in every lab you will find the people writing fortran/Matlab only.We have snakes and some other species also in the campus.It's not exactly zoo but there are so many species like MIRU,Veer...and so on.I'll really miss this concept of snakes in my campus.Because I want these to be in my campus and disturb us in the lab.I'll also miss some other species from here.I don't want to mention them all......
We get time to talk at LUNCH..most of the time I am free but others are not...
Now one of the main thing which people can observe here is the sudden variation in the surrounding.Somewhere it's very new nice ultramodern campus and at the very next step it's like a village those BAMBOO tree,ant hill and other dirty pond....
What a variation is it !!!!
One of the main interesting thing which can make sensation among my classmates there @ IT BHU is the hostel here.In which both male and female stay together(!!!! of course in the different rooms).Which we really miss in our college and it's always been a hot topic among us in our college.The liberty which we get here as we can come to our lab late nite and work,I have not got it till now.But this is not good from student(us) point of view.You can't give any excuse.[:P]
I am thankful to CNR RAO for initiating this POBE and POCE. Not because it's taking the research in INDIA to the next level,but for some other reasons.
I know the fact with proof that you are bilkul free,jobless and with out mind(As you are reading my blog!!!!!!!!)
Still I am expecting your understanding for my above claim.
Unlike to our academy bus JNC bus is always on right time(!!! there is no need to surprise because great people and faculty members are also there in that bus while it's not in ours)
With in this small campus of JNC(smaller than my college BHU i am not talking about other colleges) you can enjoy every sphere of life.Including two water fall.Although I don't have any proof to prove my this claim.(honestly telling I don't even need it)If you are not studious and have reached up to this line from the starting then for you only I am gonna stop my writing.
Kyun ki tum bhi sonch rahe hoge ye kya lambi chaudi faink raha hai...
ab bahut hua...............

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This is basically a new venture founded by a group of highly frustrated people.One thing common among the members is that they all are from good institutes in INDIA.
Mr Prakhar,IISER PUNE looks after legal affairs.
Mr Kunal is the strategic consultant of the group.
Mr Ankit IT BHU is cuurently holding the chair of Chief Operating Officer.He is also the main sponcer of calls for making RADIO MIRCHI BAKRA.


1.Roaming around the area HEBBAL in the night(from 9pm to 12 pm).
2.Not all but few members can also be found near LUMBINI garden or near that Railway track.
2.Our most of the work is being carried out in the night only.
3.Stealing mob no. of **** from any body and talk to **** for long time without even carinig for the Balance
4.Our Legal advisor Prakhar deals with our Public relations and HR also.He has full capacity to take people under his influence and he's most of the time succeded in giving people assignment for home also.
5.Our work include making BAKRA RADIO MIRCHI and some other activities which can not be disclosed in the public place.
6.We can also consume a large no of cigerattes and other things***.If you want to offer feel free to write us.We will provide you the facility of online transfer and every other facility.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

get together @ jallahali guest house

when we heard the news of get together @ jallahali guest house.......we at Hebbal were filled with joy and excitement we people had so many many people started observing their beloved one in the guest the same many of us made their own plan to do.........
finally the much awaited day FRIDAY came.For IISc people the coupan was necessary but for us JNC people it was not.............that's good for me I cud take as many people as I want but i did nothing with me were only MIRU ADITYA,EILEENA and J.,Shyam not more than these daily people.
We reached there we all went to VIVEK's room and started doing things which we generally do in our hostels..a lot of hue and cry..........and we started making plans and many things............
Thank God my guide was not there ..only Rama mam was there with whom i don't have any connection afficially.....
ultimatly at the mean time when G.Madhvan sir started givig FATTE all the excitent came to an end.It's like general talk which our director gives during orientation.
after that the guide started giving the FATTE.
I dont know why they were so happy with the work of the SRF's.
I think it's just a show off.Actuuly they were talking too much but some of them could hardly spent even a peiod of one week with the SRF's What a height of over acting it's!!!!!!!
finallly all the ongoing debate came to an end. No body could do anything.I shared my experience only in a few line.........and in this way all we came to BUS for our appartment.
One very interesting thing happened with me in the way to appartment...
a guy KUNAL from IISER pune tried very good thing he took my cell got conatct no my *** and he called that on behalf of me.
after that every thing was clear......
on the next day also he called the same**** and i came to know about all these after soem times.......
that's all for today ......
in the next post ...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

free ek dum free

today i am completly jobless.I am expecting my guide to come on Monday.As he is very much devoted his work,I am expecting a lot of work from him in the next week.I am now mentaly prepared for this.
But today I am not doing anything i m just facing these two ..............sitting besides me.
one conclusion that i have made is that these Mechanical Engineers are very difficult to handle.
all of these are from mechanical background.

Friday, June 6, 2008

oh God Save me from these two MIRU & V....

oh god i m very fortunate to have ratio of guys & girl 1:2 here in my EMU lib.......
I am the only one surrounded by these two mad girls one from ANNA UNIVERSITY and other from NIT nagpur both are haunting my mind.I dont know how to manage these two.
On most of the time i ignore their talk They have considered me as Deaf & Dumb...........
And i don have any proof to proof them wrong.
any way lets keep it going........
I talk to them through GTALK and Orkut although they are sitting beside me...........
any way they are all very good
MIRU is very caring also but unfortunately I dont care for them she will never forget you
Oye MIRU.............if you are reading this blog this is for you ab bahut are not what i have described as above.....hi hi hi hi
they both are good civil engineer