Wednesday, June 17, 2009

feeling of Vasudhaivkutumbakam

I did my schooling in the Sanskrit driven schools, so I was always taught about the concept of VASUDHAIVKUTUMBAKAM during my initial college days. But to be honest, I never realised this fact that this is a proven fact. For me this famous word was nothing more than a good tool/ Sanskrit quotation to write in the copies and essays to make it more powerful,attractive, impressive.
But after getting a lot of benefit from the unknown people, I have started realising this fact.
This motivated me a lot in establishing the organisation.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

finding the name

As per our discussion last day at IISc, now the work left undone is actually finding the name of our organisation. We had a lot of discussion on the name of our organisation..Like should it be a desi hindi name? English name or something else? or any word from any Tamil/Telugu origin??
Finally,we came up with an idea of looking for Sanskrit word..As in our country India, It's the only language which has got the respect in every nook and corner of the country. Although it's not spoken any where in India..It's now become a language of book only..
Any way, currently, I am looking for the name..
I will be really happy if any of you suggest me the name in Sanskrit.?
Waiting for your responses..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

How helping people are

Yesterday, I was pleased to know the behaviour of that people, who helped us voluntarily in my effort while I did not even ask him. Above all his help worked out. Although this was not the first time I got this type of help from the people.
In my entire life, I have gone to a lot many places, just by asking people. When I ask people about my destination, generally two things happen...
#1 The person on the opposite side does not know the answer and honestly refuse by saying "Sorry I don't know this"
#2 The person on the opposite knows it very well and says the things very clearly like "sir you go straight..take a right ....then left ...and ask somebody present over there for further guidance...and so..."
Above all, sometimes , I am able to attract the nearby people who any way get an idea about my question.
But the most interesting thing that happens is actually the fact that in all most every case, I get answer suitable to my problem. This is the real virtue of people ..That is people are ready to give suggestions and all the suggestions are correct..(amazing ?? is it not??)

Good response from the people

It's really cool that I am getting all sorts of reply from various people form across the globe. Most of them are lending their helping hands and are actively willing to support the person concerned by all possible means . They are interested in further discussions with the student having quarries. It's really very much encouraging step in my business.

Friday, June 12, 2009

After a lot of mental exercise,planning and real desire to work for the needy people,I came up with lot many unfeasible ideas which could not be converted in to reality. But the aim has been hammering my mind always. Now recently after reading book WIKINOMICS and realising the real success of Wikipedia, I firmed my mind to do the real ground work for the real people using mass collaboration.
During our protest for conversion of IT BHU to IIT, we launched the concept of unique protest.
To my utter surprise, what I saw was really mind boggling. We got around 90 calls just from Varansi and near by areas that too with in a day. This proves that people are highly confused and desperately looking for the guidance which they are not able to get properly.
So I came up with an idea of doing the real work for the people.
Much concrete plan is in the pipeline will appear very soon.
But a a part of this initiative, we have launched the blogspot site so that we can do the help to the needy people.